Artist. Poet. City of the Violet Crown. A warrior’s guide to exciting ways of survival. 

Originals, Art Prints, Soft Enamel Pins, and Stickers for sale. Open for commissions.

G. F. Harper primarily works with oil on canvas and he has works in a variety of other media to include pencil on paper, soft pastel on paper, stop motion, digital design, mixed media, printmaking, cover art, poster art, sculpting, and photography. Harper’s first fine art teachers were graffiti artists such as T Kid, Lady Pink, Daze, and now Banksy and David Choe. He loves all the greats too. He has participated in small unheard of art shows. 


He attended Saint Edward's University for a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a specialization in Creative Writing, minor in Psychology. You can also find his published work of poetry, Savage Yard, online, and his forthcoming collection of poems and art, Debts & Drawings, soon.